DeSean “Bonehead” Jackson

Date: 15 September 2008
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Eagles rookie WR DeSean Jackson, in just his second game as a professional, made one of the ALL-TIME dumbest moves in NFL history against the Dallas Cowboys tonight when he caught a (what would have been) 61 yd touchdown pass from QB Donovan McNabb and tossed the ball to the ground in celebration BEFORE he crossed the goal line. He went on to finish his “touchdown” celebration in style with a slick little dance before realizing what a moron he is. Luckily, the Eagles retained the ball and RB Brian Westbrook ran it in on the next play.

Could it be cosmic retribution for the infamous Leon Lett folly?

Let’s hope the folks over at EA Sports weren’t watching…I’d hate for them to add this feature to the next installment of Madden…

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