When Dey?!

Date: 15 September 2008
Category: Coaches, NFL
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Head Coach Lewis

 2 weeks. 2 humiliating losses. The reason is becoming quite clear…the players are not prepared when they take the field. In my mind, that falls on the HC, and it’s about time someone stood up and said it: Marvin Lewis needs to go! He is terrible. He laughs his way through press conferences (and to the bank on Mondays), and he clearly isn’t cut out to be a HC in the NFL. His record is now 42-40. With the Giants, Browns, Cowboys, Jets and Steelers on the schedule for the next 5 weeks, I’ll go out on a limb and predict that “M-Lew” won’t make it to the new bye week (week 10). BUT, this IS the NFL, and Lewis probably should have been sent packing long ago…so, we’ll see.

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