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Date: 22 September 2008
Category: Coaches
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As far as I can tell, there are 8 head coaches (yes, that’s a quarter of the league) on the proverbial “hot seat”, and we’re not even a quarter of the way through the season!


Lane Kiffin (5-14 w/OAK): Oakland Raiders (1-2). Rumors have been circulating for weeks now that owner Al Davis would be changing Lanes and taking the Raiders bus in a new direction. It hasn’t happened yet, but FOXSports.com and ESPN are reporting that it could happen as early as today. He’s only coached 19 games in the NFL. Should we really be judging a first-time Head Coach based 19 games?

Herm Edwards (13-22 w/KC; 52-63 Career): Kansas City Chiefs (0-3). Ok Herm, we know, you’re a “players coach”, we get it, but we’re not sure your players do. Larry Johnson is averaging 10 carries less per game so far this season than he has over his career, and KC is 29th in the league in scoring, having only put up 32 points in 3 games. Herm, it’s time my man.

Marvin Lewis (42-41 w/CIN): Cincinnati Bengals (0-3). M-Lew was never cut-out to be a Head Coach in the NFL. The front office in Cinci is so fucked up that I can’t believe they can still host night games…we know those past-due electricity bills are sitting on someone’s desk somewhere. Sure, he’s had his hands full with a couple of hooligans and one particular loud-mouthed receiver, but this is professional football…if you can’t get your players to focus on Sundays, you’ll never play a game in January. Marvin, you’re in over your head…bow out gracefully.

Norv Turner (11-7 w/SD; 69-89-1 Career): San Diego Chargers (0-2). I’m sure the people of southern California would rather see Ed Hochuli fired, but I think this started brewing before he even coached his first game! I’m a firm believer that the firing of Marty Schottenheimer (career 61.3% win rate; 47-33 w/SD) was premature, and had he been on the sidelines last year, San Diego would have put a hurting on the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, and probably won the Superbowl. Norv, you suck.

Romeo Crennel (20-31 w/CLE): Cleveland Browns (0-3). Sure, Romeo coaches THE BROWNS, but unless you’ve been living in Kazakhstan for the past 2-3 years, you’ve witnessed the talent building up around him (not an easy task considering his waistline) and a lack of consistency you wouldn’t expect when the front office seems to be doing its job. The offense has gone from 8th in the league in 07, to dead last in pts and 30th in yards…Romeo, what’s the deal? Too much pressure?

Jack Del Rio (46-37 w/JAX): Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2). I know, I know…this one is a toss-up…but it is MY blog, right? I’m not a fan of Del Rio. His record is pretty decent, and he has made the playoffs in 2 of his 5 full seasons as Head Coach, but there is something about him that bugs the shit out of me. Call it a hunch, or call me a hater…either way, if the Jags aren’t in the playoffs this year, Jack may need to find a new box to call home.

Rod Marinelli (10-15 w/DET): Detroit Lions (0-3). What a disaster of a ball club. Can we really blame Rod? Of course we can! He’s terrible. Much like the Browns, he has the talent, but doesn’t know how to prepare them properly to take advantage of their strengths. The difference here is that I think Romeo’s talent is younger and we can’t yet label them “busts” like we can Roy Williams and Jon Kitna. Hey Rod, please don’t ruin Calvin Johnson on your way out!

Scott Linehan (11-24 w/STL): St. Louis Rams (0-3). What happened to St. Louis? Shit, I can only name like 3 active Rams…Linehan seems like more of a whipping boy than anything…a fall guy for the bad record until the front office can get their shit together and get some quality players on the field. Can you blame Steven Jackson for not showing up until the last minute? Scotty, enjoy those paychecks while they’re still coming in.

I would love to have included my gambling and fantasy football nemesis, Mike Shanahan, but with the Broncos off to a 3-0 start and tearing the shit out of Defenses, I think his seat is colder than a blue mountained Coors can.


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