Raider Haters = Drama Kings

Date: 23 September 2008
Category: NFL
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“Hey Timmy, smell my finger…”

Ugh. Another poor attempt by Kawakami to break my Silver and Black heart. Sorry, but the Haters have failed again.

I try not to delve too far into the madness surrounding the Raiders organization, the Al Davis drama, the Kiffin mini-saga. I am a Raiders fan—a football fan.

I root for DMC to break tackles, Porter to break out his funk, Russell to make the occasional brilliant pass (hopefully more to come). I root for tenacious defense followed up by a Johnny Lee Higgins punt return.

I root for Gallery pancakes (not pregame ones—although those come a lot more frequently).

I root for Chargers losing to Denver and Denver losing to the Chargers.

I root for shutting down KC—for many years to come.

Raiders Haters, quit the drama. I am not sure where your hatred stems from. Maybe it’s Al, maybe it’s the media frenzy that surround the organization. Either way, I don’t really care. No Raider fan really cares. Don’t bother sending emails and articles about Lane Kiffin. I don’t care how old and crazy Al Davis is. Seriously.

For once, I ask of you, just root for something positive. Root for the Raiders to return to form—even if it is as the bad guys of the NFL. Stop letting this reality TV-mindset warp your judgment about what FOOTBALL really is.

I love football and I love the Raiders.

If you want to talk about either of those two topics, I am all ears. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and your time spent Googling images from the Emmys.

Allen L. Kelly
Raiders Fan for Life

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