Week 3 – Beaten by a 1967 Quarter

Date: 23 September 2008
Category: Picks
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What a disaster of a week.

The Quarter went 8-8 against the spread, and 8-8 O/U.
I went 6-10.

It was my worst week of the season, but still, it sucks to go down to pure chance…wonder how a 1991 Quarter would fair.

The Quarter picked 4 games by both the spread AND the O/U total. Had we went with the Quarter on MIN(U), SEA(O), BAL(O), and PHI(U), and put $5 on an 8-team parlay (all spread and o/u), the payout would have been around $500. Knowing it was going to be those 4 that hit…that’s another story.

I should have known that Houston would suck. I watched a bit of that game and I saw quite a few Andre Johnson targets, but nothing materialized. I thought the extra week to prepare would help them come up with a winning game plan, but I think the Texans’ families can count on them being at home (and not playing football) come January.

Who the fuck knew that the Bengals would finally come out of their stupor – on the road – against the Superbowl Champs? The Bengals played alright, but the way the Giants played down to them was somewhat concerning…maybe they were finalizing vacation plans for their week 4 bye? The good thing is that the Bengals may have gotten some confidence out of that game that they can carry over into this weekend’s game with their arch-nemesis Browns.

Chicago was a toss up for me, so I went with the home team.

Not sure what to think about Carolina. I really thought that Steve Smith would bring even more life to a 2-0 team. Conversely, I thought that benching Jackson for Frerotte would be like a Keith Jardine kick to the Vikings’ ribs. I was wrong!

Seattle finally found some offense. But, Bumpus? McMullen? St. Louis really sucks.

Man, Denver VS New Orleans was a classic fast-starting team VS a comeback team game. I should have known that it would be close. Lovin’ those orange jerseys.

Peyton, why are you busting my balls this season?

Cleveland: You should be thanking your lucky stars that you have Cinci on the schedule this week. Here’s a tip: CATCH THE BALL.

The New York Brets. What was I thinking? Cromartie was due for the 2 INTs he had, and I’m sure he’ll pick up that third one he dropped tonite, next week against Oakland. Are the Chargers back? Well, they have a couple games coming up that they should win…we’ll see what happens on 10/19 in Buffalo before we officially say ‘they’re back’.

So, I’m not sure if I should say that I learned anything from this week of football…at least nothing that will help me pick games better…after all, the coin doesn’t know shit and it beat me. I’ll see you next week Coin.

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