Fantasy Bye Breaker – Week 1

Date: 24 September 2008
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This season’s BYE week schedule got a bit of a facelift thanks to Hurricane Ike’s thrashing of Reliant Stadium in Houston, so we’re getting a late start, but we’ll make up for it with quality advice.


Fortunately, there aren’t too many top tier fantasy players on these 6 teams, so there shouldn’t be too much damage done to your team this weekend.

QB – Kitna, P. Manning, Pennington, Cassel, E. Manning, T. Hasselbeck

Even in 12 team leagues, P. Manning is probably the only big starter in this bunch, although, I can see some managers starting E. Manning too. Either way, Trent Edwards is playing St. Louis this weekend. He is owned in less than 50% of the Yahoo! leagues despite leading the Bills to a 3-0 start, averaging more than 25 pts/game. Brian Griese (owned in 13% of leagues) against the Green Bay Defense is a less attractive option, but with Al Harris out, and Galloway in, there could be some fireworks in that game. JT O’Sullivan (35%) @ New Orleans, and Matt Ryan (23%) @ Carolina could also have decent days. #1 CHOICE IF AVAILABLE: TRENT EDWARDS

RB – Smith (Johnson), Addai (Rhodes), Brown (Williams), Maroney (Morris), Jacobs (Ward, Bradshaw), T. Jones (Duckett)

Addai, Jacobs, and Jones…oh, and that monster of a back, Ronnie Brown, are solid starters. These guys hit or exceed their projections on a weekly basis. Hopefully, you already have a solid back-up RB to fill in, and just need that utility player to account for, but even if you need a big-time back, there could be a few sleeping RBs that wake up this weekend. Fred Taylor (60%)¬†against a Houston D that’s 27th in the league should be $$$. As much as I hate to say it, Selvin Young (70%) has been running the ball more, and could produce well this week at Arrowhead Stadium…especially if Cutler & Co. get off to their usual fast start. Pittsburgh’s ¬†Rashard Mendenhall (41%), will be making his first start, and although he faces a tough Baltimore D, I think PIT will run the ball about 45 times and Mendenhall is bound to break the painted plane at least once at home on Monday night. #1 CHOICE IF AVAILABLE: TIE. FRED TAYLOR AND RASHARD MENDENHALL

WR – Johnson (Williams), Wayne (Harrison), Ginn (Hagan), Moss (Welker), Burress (Toomer), Bumpus (McMullen)

Another position that shouldn’t do too much damage. Moss is without Brady, Peyton and Kitna have been below average, and Seattle and Miami aren’t the most attractive of options anyway. Burress owners need some love though, so, if you don’t have anyone to replace him this weekend, keep an eye on Donte Stallworth (42%). If he’s ready to go, chance are they get the ball to him early and often. They need a spark, and Anderson could lose his job if he doesn’t start connecting with someone soon…as in, this weekend. I also like Mushin Muhammad (27%), Bernard Berrian (61%), and Chansi Stuckey (42%) to produce above their averages this week. #1 CHOICE IF AVAILABE: (AND READY TO GO) DONTE STALLWORTH

TE - Fasano, Carlson, Martin

Tight ends (no giggles, please) this week really don’t lose much. 1 of Fasano’s 2 TDs came by way of a Ronnie Brown pass, so, I wouldn’t really consider him a solid option. I’m looking for all the regular TEs (Gates, Sheffler, Witten, Winslow) to put up some nice numbers this weekend, with Winslow having the best chance of going over 100 yds with 1+ TDs against the Bengals. I’m thinking Billy Miller could come alive in New Oreans too now that Shockey is out for a few weeks. But he could also split time with Mark Campbell, so that’s something to watch this week in San Francisco if you need another TE. #1 CHOICE IF AVAILABLE: KELLEN WINSLOW

DEF – Come on now. Who’s playing St Louis and KC? Buffalo and Denver are the top plays this weekend on DEF. Cromartie and San Diego should do well for a second straight game this weekend in Oakland, too. #1 CHOICE IF AVAILABLE: BUFFALO

Do your own homework for Kickers.

Good luck!


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