Despite BYEs, This Weekend Should Be Dope

Date: 25 September 2008
Category: NFL
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So, 6 teams are taking the week off. Mother fuckers. We’re only 3 weeks deep! You lazy bastards…if I just started a job and tried to take a week off after 3 weeks, I’d be laughed at, kicked in the nuts, and shoved back into the little hole they call a cubicle. It’s been this way for many years, but I still want to blame that goodie-two-shoes (what does that really mean?) sheriff of a commissioner, Roger Goodell. Luckily, he saved himself the pain of having to read my hate mail by giving us 7 Division Games. It, too, may have been that way for many years, but this is the first time it has happened since the blog started, so let’s get excited.


ATL @ CAR: Atlanta sure looks good at home this season. Too bad this one’s in Carolina. I thought the Panthers would explode last week with Steve Smith back on the field, but they got out-worked by an average Vikings club who started a 3rd rate QB. That worries me. Still, I think Jonathan Stewart will give them great field position on KRs and he’ll probably break one or two for big gains on offense. If the Carolina D can keep Turner from doing the same, Carolina fans should go home happy.

CLE @ CIN: Remember what happened the first time they met last season? Despite over 400 passing yards for Carson Palmer, and 200 receiving yards for #85, Cleveland won a great game, 51-45. Could it happen again this year? Unfortunately, a 3-2 game looks more likey.

HOU @ JAX: We know one thing: Andre Johnson will drop some balls in this game. That seems to be his M.O. these days…”how many times can I be targeted in a game?”, not “how many balls can I catch?”. Jacksonville is hard to root for…they’re too inconsistent. If there’s going to be an upset, maybe Houston does it this week.

DEN @ KC: Ever seen pictures of Hiroshima after they dropped Little Boy? No? Type “Arrowhead Stadium” into Google Maps on Monday.

SD @ OAK: Lane Kiffin = desperate. Norv Turner = dumbass. Philip Rivers = throws like a girl. Tomlinson = (talented) pea-brained crybaby (seriously, listen to him sometime). Russell = even worse than Tomlinson. Good thing McFadden and Gates are out there…Sproles tickles my fancy too…can guys use that phrase?

WAS @ DAL: Oh baby. I love me some Redskins/Dallas games. They met in week 11 last season in Dallas and T.O. decided to blow up for 173 yards and 4, count em, 4 TDs. Oh baby. My fantasy senses are tingling.

BAL @ PIT: Hmmm…from what I’m reading, expectations for this one are pretty low. I, however, think this will be a PIT blowout. 35-13. But I also thought Cinci would win in week 1…so, maybe I’m still in Billick-mode.

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