Oakland Changes Lanes

Date: 30 September 2008
Category: Coaches
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It happened. Al Davis picked up the phone this morning, dialed Lane Kiffin, and fired him in favor of Offensive Line Coach, Tom Cable. In a press conference this afternoon, Davis, the scumbag that he is, paused several times to collect himself and to make sure that we was phrasing his words in a manner that would help cement his reasoning for the coaching change.

According to Davis, Kiffin was fired for cause (a fundamental breach of the employment relationship). This justification, which is a very serious one, should allow the Raiders to make the change without paying what’s left of Kiffin’s 2 year, $4 Million contract. If Kiffin has any questions about the situation, he can look east, to Denver, where current Head Coach, Mike Shanahan, underwent the exact same ordeal nearly 20 years ago (and he is STILL owed money).

During his speech, Davis stated that the first thing Kiffin asked when informed was, “Are you going to pay me?”

Do I smell bull$hit?

He ended the conference by stating that “the Raiders will be back”…let’s hope, for the players and the fans, that he meant THIS season.

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