Miss Rodgers’ Neighborhood

Date: 02 October 2008
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It didn’t take long for ex-Favre backup, Aaron Rodgers, to step out of the shadow of his predecessor; unfortunately, he seems to have stepped right into the shadows of the flourescent lit trainer’s room in the bowels of Lambeau Field.

Rodgers, who sprained his throwing arm in a 31-20 loss last Sunday at Tampa Bay, has been limited in practice this week, trading Dukes for tennis balls, and handing the ball off when he was in with the first-team offense. Louisiana State Rookie, #10 Matt Flynn, will start if Rodgers, who has vowed to take a cortisone injection if need be, cannot go.

Am I the only one who loves the fact that Rodgers is already hurt? This was inevitable. It seems that everyone, except for Team President Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy, knew that this was going to happen at some point this season. Hell, Brett Favre should have seen this coming and just sat the bench for a couple weeks while he got his legs under him. There is no way that Favre wouldn’t have already been named the starter this week had he been on the roster. Instead, Favre will be relaxing on his BYE week and, no doubt, watching and waiting for that sprained shoulder to become a torn ligament.

My advice to Rodgers? Forget the shot, find some painkillers, and spend Sunday in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe with King Friday and Lady Fairchilde.

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