Date: 13 October 2008
Category: Injured Players, Players
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In a season filled with devastating injuries, another has surfaced, again to a high-profile Quarterback.  ESPN is reporting that Dallas Cowboys star, #9 Tony Romo, suffered a broken pinky on his throwing hand in yesterday’s overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

It looks like T.O will have at least 4 weeks to complain about Brad Johnson…or maybe, just maybe, this will be the catalyst that will bring the Cowboys, who many picked to win it all this year – yet have been struggling lately, together. Romo can’t be totally to blame for the losses, but he is basically a bumbling fool when he gets outside the pocket, he throws like a girl, and his timing is questionable. He does have great touch on the ball when he has the protection he needs, but I think Brad Johnson has proven that he too, can have great touch, and can win football games.

BJ, Get that ball to T.O. Get on a roll, and keep Romo on Jessica‘s lap for the rest of the season…that way you both get to live out the American Dream.

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