Keeping Up With The Jones’

Date: 14 October 2008
Category: Players
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It happened.

Adam “Pacman” Jones has been suspended indefinitely (4 game minimum) by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his recent violation of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy.

Our best guess here at F&L is that we’ve seen our last of Jones. Within six months, he’ll go on a self-destructive rampage and end up spending a few years of his life in jail. It’s too bad, and it’s hard not to attribute it to the type of lifestyle that these millionaire “thug-life” players are trying to live. What is so cool about acting like a gangsta? Is it worth it? Really? See Lawrence Phillips, Travis Henry, Maurice Clarett, Tank Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals, Minnesota Vikings, Rae Carruth, and of course, Michael Prick Vick. (To be honest, the number of NFL players in legal trouble is pretty alarming…google it)

In other Jones news, rookie RB Felix Jones suffered a slight tear in his hamstring and is expected to be out for at least a few weeks.

The Cowboys are as banged up as you can get now. Jerry Jones must be fucking pissed.

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