NFL = National Fight League?

Date: 19 November 2008
Category: Coaches, Players
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If Jacksonville WR, #84 Troy Williamson had his way, the league would place a chain-link fence around the field this Sunday, give him and Vikings Coach Brad Childress a pair of MMA gloves and shorts, and ring a bell. At least that’s basically what he told reporters this week when asked how he felt about playing his former team.

Williamson, who had less than 700 receiving yards and 1 TD in 25 games as a Viking, should probably spend a bit more time working on route running, blocking, and catching that ball than he does running his mouth.

This season, with Jacksonville, Williamson has 4 catches for 27 yards and 1 TD.

Yeah Troy, it was the Coach that was holding you back…

Paging Roger Goodell…are you going to allow players to threaten former (active) coaches?

Sounds like a form of terrorism…if Childress steps on that field Sunday, he might get blowed up. Is it fair for him to have to game plan for terrorists AND  #98 Big John Henderson?!

Now, back to my Frypod.

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