Ohno Cinco!

Date: 20 November 2008
Category: Players
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#85 is out for the game tonight in Pittsburgh. No real reason was given other than that he broke a team rule.

Chances are pretty good that Marvin Lewis sought to release the talented WR, but Mike Brown, blood brother to WR (and true alien-faced dude) Chris Henry, made sure the team retained Ocho.

Keep an eye on this game tonight. With Ocho and Carson out, the team is a shell of its former glorified self, and WR #84 T.J. “Who’s Your Momma” Houshmandzadeh is now the only star left…and for all you fans who don’t have your head up your ass, you realize that TJ should be named BJ, coz he really sucks.

Prediction: 27-6 PIT

Hey Maaaarvin, you’ve cashed your check man…I hope you enjoyed your time in the league…you will NEVER get another head coaching job.

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