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Date: 21 November 2008
Category: NFL
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I hope you all have your Tivo’s programmed to record ESPN First Take every morning like I do. (Click the image to enlarge) If you do, go back to about 7:40AM this morning (Nov 21).

Here was my email to them this morning:


85 is by far the best WR on the Bengals.

TJ is a louse. He’s a household name BECAUSE of 85 and because of that fantasy football commercial from a few years back…85 is a household name because of his skills.

The real problem is the Offensive Line…and the QB…and the Coach…and the play calling…and the lack of running game.

Stop blaming 85 for shit that is obviously not his fault. If every WR got to pick how many catches he got every year, guess how many they’d choose? Hint: it’s a 3 digit number.

Do yourself a favor and hop on the “Fire Marvin Lewis” bandwagon while you still can…it’s going to happen soon.


Surprised the shit out of me :)

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