Week 12 : Say It Ain’t So

Date: 24 November 2008
Category: NFL
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“…somebody’s cold one is giving me chills…guess I’ll just close my eyes.”

Yesterday was an absolute clusterfuck of amazing plays and astonishing let downs. The feeling it left me with this morning has led me to start a new weekly series called “Say It Ain’t So“.

Mike Shanahan and the Denver Broncos Defense

Dudes. Say it ain’t so. What the hell is going on? You come off a road win against the emerging NFC South Powerhouse Atlanta Falcons, and give up 31 points (AT HOME) to an Oakland Raider Offense that hadn’t scored an offensive TD in several weeks.

Jay Cutler is one ugly sonofabitch. I’m thinking his lack of self-confidence affects him on the field. I can almost guarantee that when Don Vito was in this 20′s, he looked just like Cutler. Jay, you’re wearing a helmet…forget about your double chin and manage the game.

Diabetes. Be Afraid.

Diabetes. Be Afraid.


Mike Singletary and the 49ers Offense

I think Singletary needs a bigger cross. I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that “god” is going to lay his holy hand upon them and help them win a football game, should undergo an extensive psychological evaluation. Maybe I’m old school, but I tend to favor an Adam Smith approach to my football games.

Mike, please, take that ridiculous hunk of wood off and start COACHING YOUR FOOTBALL TEAM. I’ve seen Pop Warner teams with more field sense. Those big eyes of yours won’t work from the sideline. Bring Ditka in during the week for a pep talk. Do something. Stop standing there. Please.

Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid

Is it me or are Andy’s waistline and McNabb’s shitty play growing together, exponentially? Something has to give. It seemed as if it was McNabb that would suffer after he was benched during Sunday’s (EXPECTED) loss to the Ravens, but then Reid came out this morning and named Donovan the starter for their Thanksgiving Day game.

Is McNabb really as shitty as he’s been playing lately? I think the answer is clear. Absolutely. He is, BY FAR, the most overrated QB in the league. Take away his Westbrook and he crumbles. Unfortunately for the Eagles, the same is true for Reid. He is totally overrated and he also relies on Westbrook too much. On the bright side, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia had its season finale last thursday, so McNabb should have a few extra minutes to look over the playbook and catch up on his cardio.

L.T. and the Super Chargers

The only time Tomlinson scores nowadays is in Campbell’s Chunky commercials. I think he kidnapped Gates and Cromartie after last season, chopped em up, and put em in a few cans, coz they’ve accounted for a heaping pile of shit this season, and Campbell’s Chunky tastes like horsemeat stew.

GREAT JOB giving Turner to the Falcons. Who needed him anyway?

Romeo Crennel and the Cleveland Steamers

Sure, he looks like a Brown, but his name is Romeo. Was he ever really gunna make it in the NFL? The fact that he hasn’t lost a single pound since he became Head Coach should tell you one thing…he hasn’t done shit.

William Laird Cowher, do yourself a favor…stay away!

Well, that’s it for now. There’s always more to complain about though, so. feel free to vent in the comment section.

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