I’ll Pop a Cap in Your Plax

Date: 29 November 2008
Category: Players
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News is starting to spread this morning that NY Giants WR, #17 Plaxico Burress, got capped last night at a nightclub in NYC.

Sources are telling us here at F&L that the gunman was none other than sidelined Giants WR, PLAXICO BURRESS!

That’s right folks, Plax shot himself in the leg.

What he was doing carrying a gun into a nightclub is a question I’m sure Roger Goodell will be asking him when he leaves the hospital.

He had already been ruled out of this Sundays game against the Redskins, so maybe he had a drunken argument about his injury and, in the end, showed his hamstring who the boss really is.

Hey Plax…Say it Ain’t So!

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