Taking a Wrong Turner

Date: 01 December 2008
Category: Coaches
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The San Diego Chargers are in bad need of a Garmin. After taking a wrong Turner (Norv) following the 2007 Season, they went and took another one when they let Michael (Turner) bounce over to Atlanta. Who is giving these guys directions?!

Norv is one of the worst Head Coaches in NFL History. He has coached for 9 full seasons and only wins 44% of his games. Prior to last year, when he did it with a pre-built team, he had only made the playoffs once. In fact, his teams generally finished last in their division, winning more than half of their games only four times. How he took over another team is…well, fucking mind blowing. Had he not been the Offensive Coordinator for those Dallas Superbowl teams, there is NO WAY he’d be a Head Coach. Thanks Emmitt, Michael and Troy.

Michael Turner (#33), born in my hometown of Waukegan, IL, has been tearing up the league since his departure from San Diego. His Wonderlic score is one of the highest in the league (more than double the average for RBs), and at 5’10″ and 240 lbs, the man is a beast. In San Diego, Turner did nothing but win football games for his club, personally putting an end to Indianapolis’ undefeated run in 2005. Turner hit the ground running in Atlanta this season, breaking their single game rushing record IN HIS FIRST GAME, with 220 yards and 2 TDs. In Week 12 of this season, he single-handedly knocked Feared & Loathed out of the Playoffs in The Ultimate Fantasy Championship, by rushing for 117 yards and 4 TDs.

Now, if you were a General Manager, which Turner would you keep?

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