Plax, 6 Others Done for Season

Date: 02 December 2008
Category: Players
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NYG WR, #17 Plaxico Burress has been fined and suspended for 4 games. He will not play for the Giants again this season. We all know what happened. I can’t wait for his first interview. Question #1: Dude, you SHOT yourself? Question #2: Wait, you shot YOURSELF? That was probably the most expensive bullet in the history of firearms…maybe CE399 is more valuable…maybe.

In other season ending news, the Vikings are officially fucked. The Williams’ (#93 Kevin and #94 Pat) are both out for the rest of the regular season after being suspended by Roger Goodell for 4 Games for violating the NFL Anabolic Steroid and Related Substance Policy. The Saints’ #94¬†Charles Grant, #26 Deuce McAllister and #91 Will Smith (not the goofy rapper turned comedian turned actor), as well as the Texans’ #48 Bryan Pittman have also been suspended for the same reason. All six of the players tested positive for a diuretic called Bumetanide, which is not listed on the bottle of StarCaps, an over-the-counter weight loss capsule. Take a look at their website..something funny about a 315 lb Tackle using that stuff…but hey, if your million dollar contract specifies that you weigh a certain amount, I think you’ll do what it takes.

The Vikings play the winless Lions this weekend. Let’s hope this doesn’t hurt them THAT much.

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