San Dimas High School Football…Probably Sucks?

Date: 03 December 2008
Category: NFL
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If they were an NFL team in 2008, they absolutely would. The AFC and NFC Western Divisions are a combined 31 – 65. It’s not like we have great weather to practice in, so it kind of makes sense…

It’s no fair! The East Coast gets everything! That muscle-man looking state, the schlong looking state, Nathan’s Famous Hotdog Stand…and now, they wanna go and take W’s from our NFL teams too?!

I know what they’re trying to do…and I don’t like it.

I guess it could be worse…Ohio could be a west coast state. (Sorry Klocke)

Next season, with new Head Coaches, the Western Divisions will return to glory. You heard it here first.

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