Sloppy Seconds

Date: 05 December 2008
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I haven’t written about the NHL before, and I probably won’t do it again (sorry Odo), but this whole Sean Avery/Elisha Cuthbert thing is fucking ridiculous.


A SIX game suspension for talking shit? Is the term “sloppy seconds” really slanderous? Come on, Man!

Are we in Canada, or do we have the right to express ourselves freely?

I don’t even understand how this could become a topic of debate for the NHL League Office. So (the fuck) what?

This just goes to show that the NHL has its head up its ass. NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, is all up on Rodger Goodell’s jock, going so far as to copy his form of swift justice, in a ridiculous attempt to give hockey back its dignity.

Hey Gary, you’re a fucking moron. Let’s make the NHL about…HOCKEY. Stay out of people’s personal shit. That’s why the rules allow guys to punch each other in the face. Ass monkey.

Now, had Avery shot Cuthbert or Dion Phaneuf in the hamstring…

Long live the NFL.

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