LIVE: UFC 93 Results

Date: 17 January 2009
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Marcus Davis VS Chris Lytle

It goes to the judges:

29-28 Davis
29-28 Lytle
29-28 Davis

WINNER: “The Irish Hand Grenade” Marcus Davis

An emotional interview with Rogan after the brawl. Davis dropped Lytle late in the 3rd. He popped right back up, but that proved to be the difference.

Denis Kang (31-10-1, 5’11″, 184 lbs) VS Alan Belcher (12-4, 6’2″, 186 lbs)

Referee: Dan Mirgliatta

ROUND ONE: Kang looks better standing up…and he is dominating on the ground too with elbows, knees, and submission attempts. Not much damage inflicted in the round, but it goes to Kang for sure. (F&L – Kang 1)

ROUND TWO: Kang’s experience is showing. Took Belcher down easily. Kang couldn’t work into half guard and eventually they were stood up. They trade shots on their feet, with Kang usually getting the better of the exchanges. In the final seconds, Kang dives in and Belcher sprawls, pulls Kang into his guard and applies a deep guillotine choke that forces Kang to tap immediately.

WINNER: Alan Belcher by Submission (Guillotine Choke)


Jeremy Horn (88-18-5, 6’2″, 185 lbs) VS Rousimar Palhares (17-2, 5’8″, 184 lbs)

Referee: Leon Roberts

ROUND ONE: Horn drags Palhares to the mat and Palhares gets his back and rains down punches to Horns head. Palhares gets side control and Horn rolls over, eventually getting Palhares into his guard. Palhares pounds Horn’s head for a bit as Horn covers up…they roll around and Palhares goes for a knee bar, which leads to more Palhares pounding on Horn. (F&L – Palhares 1)

ROUND TWO: Palhares picks Horn up and slams him into the mat. He (Palhares) grabbed the cage for a second time and received his last warning. More pounding on Horn’s head from behind. Horn turn it around and mounts with an arm triangle. It looks bad for Palhares, but he postures out and they go to their feet. With 1:30 left, they are trading punches. Horn lands a nice left hook and gets taken down. The round ends with Palhares on top of Horn, punching him. A much closer round, but I think Palhares gets it. (F&L – Palhares 2)

ROUND THREE: eh, that fight got fucking lame.

Palhares won by decision. Looks like he hurt his hand or something. He doesn’t speak english, but says he broke his hand in the first round.


Shogun Rua (16-3, 6’1″, 205 lbs) VS Mark Coleman (15-8, 6’1″, 206 lbs)

Referee: Kevin Mulhall

ROUND ONE: Coleman looked like this fight was serious for the first minute…then Shogun took over. Knees, elbows, punches, kickes. With about 45 seconds to go, Shogun landed a right that floored Coleman. Somehow, he made it to his feet and out of the round. NO WAY COLEMAN MAKES IT OUT OF THE SECOND. (F&L – Shogun 1)

ROUND TWO: Man, Shogun sucks. Enough said. Trust me.

ROUND THREE: Shogun finally put something together and busted Coleman’s face with a nice uppercut-right hook combo that caused the Ref to stop the fight.

WINNER: Shogun Rua by KO (Ref Stop due to punches)


MAIN EVENT (Winner faces Michael Bisping & coaches next Ultimate Fighter Season)

Dan Henderson (23-7, 6’1″, 202 lbs) VS Rich Franklin (26-3-1, 6’1″, 203 lbs)

Referee: Dan Mirgliatta

ROUND ONE: Henderson pretty much dominates the round, landing a few big punches and some kicks. Franklin is cut (two pretty nasty gashes) on the head from what may have been an accidental headbutt. (F&L – Henderson 1)

ROUND TWO: Franklin looks a little better. They trade shots for the first 3 minutes, then they end up on the ground, Henderson in Franklin’s guard. Rich’s forehead looks a bit bumpy…and bloody. The round ends with Henderson pounding on Franklin. (F&L – Henderson 2)

ROUND THREE: Fairly even round. Franklin got poked in the eye with less that a minute left. Referee didn’t know how much time he should be given to recover. Is he a Ref or a Bouncer? This round may have gone to Franklin, but I don’t think it was enough…

The Decision:

29-28 Henderson

30-27 Franklin

29-28 Henderson

WTF. Crazy scoring. Something is up. Henderson rightfully wins, but that score was insane.

Winner: Dan Henderson by Decision

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