Pandora…What Happened?

Date: 21 January 2009
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Pandora is really starting to piss me off.

The idea is great. Create your own “station” by adding artists and songs that you want to hear. In turn, the software pulls in other artists that share qualities with the ones you like, so, without even trying, you are introduced to new music that you SHOULD like.

SO, what’s the problem?

Well, for starters, I hear the same fucking songs all the time. I entered 20 artists. Tracy Chapman was not one of them. Thin Lizzy was not one of them. Yet, I hear “Fast Car” and “The Boys are Back in Town” day after day. Sure, I can thumbs down them, or cut them off for a month, but I don’t HATE those songs…hearing them once a day would be fine…but everyday? Multiple times? That should only happen if I entered that artist as one I would like on my station.

Next up, the mix. Jebus, how can they fuck this up so badly? If I wanted to listen to a specific genre, I’d turn on my AM/FM radio. I want a mix! I don’t want 4 acoustic songs, then 4 oldies, then 4 rock songs…I want them mixed…and I want it done in a manner that makes sense. Lyrical themes, keys, anything is better than genre.

Finally, and this seems to have just started recently, I heard a commercial for FOX on my Pandora station. Now, should I be expecting a check? What are the internet ad rates these days? I suppose I can live with an ad every now and then, but if it’s my channel, shouldn’t I have a say in what type of products are advertised?

What do you guys think about Pandora? Will it last?

2 responses to Pandora…What Happened?

  • JimBerkell says:

    I haven’t used Pandora in a month or so, but I noticed the more artists I added the less I enjoyed my stations… I started cutting back a bit and that helped a lot. So did diversifying what I checked. Seems the more diverse your picks are the more Pandora has to choose from. But ads, that just sucks.

  • iceman says:

    for me pandora was great when my first ipod broke before christmas. but within two weeks and many additions to my station, i was hearing the same shit over and over again.

    definately not as great as i originally thought. love my ipod nano more