Affliction 2

Date: 25 January 2009
Category: MMA, NEW
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The first thing I thought after the second Affliction card last night was, “Dana White must be nervous”. That was the first non-UFC MMA card that was worth the PPV price. Joe Silva might need to find a new job soon, because, other than this upcoming Penn V St. Pierre 2 card, the UFC’s future cards look like absolute shit.

Everything about last night’s Affliction card showed that they have their shit together. A major improvement over their first card that tried to mimic their gothic style by using retarded graphics, this event was clean, well lit, well covered, and Bill Goldberg wasn’t behind a mic. A lot of serious thought obviously went into making this show a success.

One thing I will continue to stew about is the pay scale of Affliction’s fighters. Arlovski made $1.5 Million for his fight. Fedor made $300,000. Several others also took home a six figure paycheck, or close to it. In the UFC, you have to be a top draw fighter to get anywhere near six figures. Why pay these guys a million dollars? I argue that paying them less keeps them hungrier. Other promotions like Affliction coming in and over paying fighters is only going to lead to discontent within the UFC ranks. The UFC has worked hard to get the sport to where it is today, and it makes sense that they should control the rate at which the pay scale grows. The bottom line is that these guys FIGHT for a living.¬†Fighters argue that they risk injury and should be compensated, and sure, they are the reason people tune in to PPVs, but, lose a couple of fights, and while you still got paid top dollar, your PPV value is dropping exponentially. Who pays for that? Promoters.

This is an argument that I’m sure will take place on F&L radio at some point soon, so I don’t want to get into it too much here.

The one thing I wanted to make clear is that Dana White absolutely has something to worry about after last night’s Affliction event. Whether that comes from their talent pool or their business practices remains to be seen, but something tells me that Dana is already devising a plan to maintain control of the industry he basically created.

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