Mad Men on AMC

Date: 04 February 2009
Category: Advertising, NEW, TV
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I just started getting into AMC’s hit show Mad Men. In case you haven’t seen or heard about it, it’s set in the 1960′s at Sterling Cooper, a fictional Madison Avenue Advertising Agency. The show follows John Draper’s (played by Jon Hamm) life inside and outside the agency.

For ad lovers like me, the show’s premise is enough to keep watching, but the really fascinating aspect of the show (and the reason non-ad people will like it too) is the peek it gives us into family life in the 60′s.

The third season is scheduled to kick off this summer, so make sure you catch up on the first two if you haven’t already done so.

Oh, be prepared…you’re probably going to want a cigarette after watching it.

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