Car Registration Sticker Placement

Date: 05 February 2009
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DUDE. How fucking hard is it to grab a razorblade, remove your old registration sticker, and replace it with the new one? It blows my mind when I’m sitting in traffic behind someone with either a stack of stickers piled on top of each other, or even worse, a rainbow of fucking stickers across the top of their license plate. Are you fucking retarded? I think the instructions are printed on the plastic wrapper the sticker comes in (similar to this one courtesy of the fine folks of Wisconsin).

This kinda shit is ok in Canada! Image found here:

This kinda shit is Canada!

Why take off the old sticker instead of putting the new one on top of it? NEWS FLASH – People STEAL those stickers. When they are stuck to metal, they rip apart when you try to get it off…when its on top of another sticker, they can get it off in one piece and use it on their own car!

Just do it.

3 responses to Car Registration Sticker Placement

  • Dr. JJK says:

    here here!

    slightly off topic, but under the same umbrella of stickers, I saw a bumper sticker the other day that left me at a loss for words. it read”

    “Barack Out With Your Cock Out”

    first of all, this is our new elected president. second of all, he is our first african american president of the united states of america. that isn’t some whimsical job in which he does nothing or has no influence. this is a job designated by article 2 of the U.S. constitution (a pretty important document if you haven’t heard of it) i strongly believe that President Obama deserves the upmost respect and support our nation can give him, especially in these tough times we face ahead.

    he is not some two-bit rock star, or celebrity in which we as a society can take advantage of in order to make a quick buck, or get cheap laugh. (oh wait this is america, douchebags do that shit) ((cut it out))

    soo long story short, if you see/own a bumper sticker like that, or a key chain or something… do us all a favor spread the word, peel the sticker, or steal the key chain, then throw it away. President Obama doesn’t deserve that type of stigma.

    ramble ramble ramble…

  • DrRJE says:

    Some people are so retarded…almost as bad as the “Two in the pink, One in the stink” bumper sticker I’ve seen a few times…or the I (heart) Vagina. I mean dude, we all love vagina, don’t get me wrong, but do you really need to advertise it to the entire world? Is that sticker going to get you laid?

  • VS7 says:

    I agree that the stickers are tacky as hell. I also think it would be funny if that dude was involved in a hit and run or some shit.

    “Did you get a look at the license plate of the car that hit you?”

    “Yeah, it was fucking 2.”