The Secret City

Date: 13 February 2009
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Holy fuck balls. After years of wondering how I could find this show I used to watch in the early 1990s in Maryland, I typed ” mustache drawing show” into Google and, lo’ and behold, I re-discovered Mark Kistler‘s Secret City. It looks like all the old episodes are available on YouTube. I’ve always been told that I can draw well, and now, you all know my secret (truth is I was always trying to keep up with classmates Paul Turowski and Steve Colmus, but that’s another story). Below is Mark’s Mural…it was a sort of centerpiece for the show…something he was constantly working on…although, it was already partially complete in episode 1-1.

1 Response to The Secret City

  • Dr. JJK says:

    immediately i am reminded of Dr. Seuss, of whom was read to me on many occasions as a child. i would have to say children are drawn to artwork such as this A) because of its simplicity i.e. funny looking characters, surf boards, bizarre homes, cartooned trees, bright colors, etc. AND quite oppositely B) because of their depth i.e. underground, sea level, above ground, and the sky.

    artists such as Kistler and Seuss really had/have a knack for being able to construct a full picture in which it takes a few minutes for one to digest the entire scene. children didn’t love the stories for the dialogue or plot line, they love staring at the pictures for hours on end. hence the question every ‘kindie gardner” asks “CAN I SEE THE PICTURE!”

    from further attention i payed to the picture ‘the secret city’ i seemed to recognize a blend/adaptation/depiction of Seuss’s books:

    Oh the Place You’ll Go
    The Lorax
    Green Eggs and Ham
    One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

    coincidence? the jury is still out…