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Date: 26 February 2009
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I flew beyond the sun before it was time

Burning all the gold that held me inside my shell

Waiting for you to pull me back in

I almost had the world in my sight

Lost love

Bright eyes fading faster than stars falling

How can I tell you that I’ve failed

Tell you I’ve failed

Falling from grace cause I’ve been away too long

Leaving you behind with my lonesome song

Now I’m lost in oblivion.

I tried to burrow a hole into the ground

Breaking all the fingers and the nails from my hand

The eyes of the child see no wrong

Ignorant bliss

Impending doom


Its gone away

Its gone away

Its gone for good

Animal spirits come calling me home

Through the tunnels of brilliant light

The magnet of wisdom is pulling

burrow faster the fabric of time

No escape

Binding spirits

No escape

Trapped in time space

Rapid descendants

The wormhole is empty

The center of Khlysty surrounds me

The fire is dancing in a silvery sheet of breath

Black robe


Summon the soul of the spectre

Fire in the Eye

Realm of mystic majesty


The demon skin is covered in fine mist

Opened his hand in my hand

Holding my eyes to the future

Hovering above myself

Letting loose the guided

Punching these holes in my head

The space time paradigm


Primal Instincts

Let it go

Calling reason

Finding you

These wild hearts run

Even deeper

Burning through

These wild hearts run

Let it go

Letting me free the quintessence

In the fine mist

Opened his hand in center

Holding my eyes to the future

Hovering above myself

Letting loose the guided

Punching these holes in my head

Losing my skin to the landslide

Shield failure

Speed farewell

The Czar

Don’t stay

Run away

He has ordered assassination

Don’t stay

Run away

The henchmen are gathered and waiting

Don’t stay

Run away

Your role as usurper is found out

Don’t stay

Run away

Tsarina has warned of the danger

It’s your own fault

This is what we wanted

It’s your own fault

This is where we lay

By the light of the moon

You must escape into the deep black of the night

Fight the devil inside

Enemies poison deep within my second sight

Wasting valuable time

Ride the tides of blood


Beauties sudden hand

Shattered crown

Stretching arms up high

We’re on our way now

Leave the Tsar to die

Spiraling up through a crack in the sky

Leaving material world behind

I see your face in constellations

The martyr is ending his life for mine

The Ghost of Karelia

Wrathful ones nine eyes glaze

Holding skulls

Filled and laced

With human blood

Shades of darkened skies


Twilight holding through


Lie in zenith

Bulls bloodshot eye

Flattened portrait of night sky

Feel crust hum

Facing the north

Vapor space

Between heaven and Earth

Wisdom and the knower

A planet collide

Divisible we fall

Hear dirt waves

Wading forth

Vapor space

How long has it been since we flew through shadows

I have walked on many other planets

Sinister twin

Choking on fear

Bonded iron

Sink to the core

Crack the Skye

Blessed visionary cut me with your sun

The rivers ran in blood

Spark fueled to fire

Deep within this endless void

Searching for a sign

The vessel forged inside me

Watches over like the death

Of the moon

Strike the shepherd

Sleep will scatter

Mountains of despair

I can see the pain

It’s written all over your face

The screaming arrows tear through my soul

In the dawn your face is haunting

White ghostly dreams

Weight of the worlds is on your shoulders

Hear the voice of gold

I can see the pain

Its written all over your face

Desperate heathens flock to sirens

Guard your heartache well

Momma don’t let them take her

Don’t let them take her down

Please tell Lucifer he can’t have this one

Her spirits too strong

I can see the pain

It’s written all over your face

I can see the pain

You can make it all go away

The Last Baron

I’d guess they would say we could set the world ablaze

Please, please take my hand

Please take my soul to rest

So we can always be around

It is hard to see

Through all the haze at the top of the trees

Hold my head on stable ground

Watch as the Earth falls all around

Faltering foot steps

Dead end path

All that I need is the wise man’s staff

Encased in crystal he leads the way

I guess they’d say we could set the world ablaze

Take my black soul

Alive in the fires that burn my skin

Guide my eyes all through this maze

I guess they’d say we could set the world ablaze

All that I have seen

Standing on the edge

The foot of precipice

Floating in the sea

Past the King of swords

Quickly to the shore

The Last Baron

The last Baron

Ghost of man surrounds me in my slumber

I have no fear as your wing is my shelter

Cyanide he craves

Coursing through his veins

Providing him with strength

To see this to the end

Afraid of psychic eyes

Faith in mystic power

The last Baron

The last Baron

Will he save me?

Will he save me?

I was standing staring at the world

And I can’t see it

I was standing staring at the world

I still can’t see it

1 Response to Mastodon: Crack the Skye Album Lyrics

  • Dan says:

    Another one of my favorite bands shuffled into obscurity by a spelling error.

    First, Crack the sky, with John Palumbo anyone remember them?

    Second: Fish (ex-vocalist for Marillion) – The artist who everyone confuses for Phish when I tell how great his music is.

    If their music is so unique – shouldn’t their name also be so? Sigh.