Only in Omaha

Date: 04 March 2009
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It’s somewhere in middle America, but let’s get down to the heart of matters…

…some dude named Acea Schomaker put his girlfriend’s cat, Shadow, into the deep recesses of a homemade bong and ripped it. Several times. Probably several times before he came up that idea too.

Dude, smoking something is a choice. Unless your cat asks you for a hit, leave it out of the equation.

Oh, how’d I find out about this? Dude got caught and ticketed for misdemeanor animal cruelty. What about his girlfriend? Don’t worry, her too.

Oh yeah, Shadow is fine. Still has all 9 lives. The bong, I’m guessing, was dismantled. The marijuana, was smoked.

1 Response to Only in Omaha

  • JimBerkell says:

    Man… so many people I know do shit like this.(Not this extreme though) It really annoys me… Is it really funny to see your pet acting crazy? because i bet the fucking pet probably feels insane wants to kill itself and is running into walls to end it all. Sweet, force your animals to become suicidal. Ha.. /end rant