Rolling Stone March 5 Issue

Date: 04 March 2009
Category: NEW
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So, I canceled my Rolling Stone subscription after they put that god awful reality show on MTV with that fucking retarded blonde chick from Salinas, CA who supposedly loved Dr. HST. I had had enough. There is really nothing good in that magazine anyway. Nothing NEW at least…thanks to blogs like this one, when something is known, it is written about without having to wait for printing and shipping.

Anyway, we get the magazine at my office and I was thumbing through it (with my finger AND thumb) and, upon reaching the end, I was able to continue for 8 more pages. How is that possible you ask? Easy. They printed the last 8 pages twice. So, in case you skipped over the review of Rush’s Reissue of Retrospective III (which, by the way I read and they used it to rip Coheed and Cambria like a bunch of little bitches), you get a second chance this month.

Lucky us!

Thanks Jann and everyone at Rolling Stone(d).

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