What Would I Ask Eddie Vedder?

Date: 24 March 2009
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So, I’m getting my Google on this afternoon, and since PJ’s Ten is being re-released tomorrow, I wanted to see what kind of coverage they’re getting.

I ran across Jessica Bennett’s article(s) on Newsweek.com, and, upon reading about her love for all things Seattle, especially Pearl Jam, I was inspired to continue reading. She’s my age, she loves Singles (which I have been meaning to add to my Facebook list of favorite films), she writes well, I’m sure there are more similarities…but there is one enormous difference: Jessica Bennett spoke to Eddie Vedder on the phone.

Are you kidding me?! That’s insane.

Now, Jessica admits that she hadn’t bought a PJ album since 1994′s Vitalogy, so, she wasn’t as sharp as she could have been, but even so, the questions she asked, or at least the ones she transcribed and printed, were…lacking. (Jessica, you cut out a tad too early, No Code is an amazing album, put that on your shopping list)

SO, I decided to send Jessica a quick email to thank her for the article. Of course, I shared with her my opinion that she had blown her opportunity by asking the questions that she did, and, unexpectedly, she responded, asking what I would have asked him.

And so I ponder…What Would I Ask Eddie Vedder?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself a million times…and, if I could get over the tickle that Eddie’s concentrated baritone voice must deliver to ones ear canal via telephone before he thought the line was dead and hung up, I guess I would start here and see where things went:

Sacramento. July 16, 1998. You made eye contact with me during “Black”, and I tipped my Cubs hat and you smiled. Do you remember that?

Ok, I kid…here are the real questions (although if things were going well, I would probably ask that one), in no particular order:

  • How old were you when you knew you had something special going on with your voice? Does your voice give you chills, too?
  • “Models, role models, roll some models in blood…get some flesh to stick so they look like us”…I’m seeing some irony here…tell me, was that just a lyric, or your real attitude towards models, and if it was your attitude, how has your attitude changed?
  • I’m guessing that fatherhood is like a first mushroom trip, in that, your eyes are finally opened to the fact that everything in the world is alive, now, whether or not you do anything with that knowledge is up to us as individuals, but I’m wondering, how has fatherhood affected your songwriting? Could you have written the Into the Wild stuff had you not become a father?
  • Is there a teacher or anyone you want to credit with helping you express yourself through songwriting, or did that just come naturally to you?
  • Yellow Ledbetter. Are there “official” lyrics, and will it ever make it onto a real PJ record?
  • What’s your favorite hair length on Eddie Vedder?
  • Vedder, Harper and Johnson Beach Bum Tour 2010. Are you coming to Santa Cruz?
  • Do you sing in the shower? In the car?
  • Ever played basketball with Michael Jordan?
  • Do you watch the UFC?
  • Which album are you most proud of?
  • What song best represents Ed as a songwriter?
  • Do you pick up a guitar everyday?
  • Now that there are diapers to change, can we expect a Pearl Jam tour?
  • It’s pretty well documented that you decided to pull back and focus on the music instead of allowing your face to be plastered all over the media, but I’m wondering if you would really be happy if you weren’t the frontman of your band?
  • You’re from Evanston, I was born in Waukegan…you ever go to Quonset Pizza?!

I know I have a bunch more in here somewhere, but this is taking forever…what would you guys want to know?

Special thanks to Jessica. I have now had email contact with someone who has actually talked to Eddie Vedder. Damn, I’m cool.

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  • JimBerkell says:

    When’s your next f’ing record coming out?! Hmm… that’s my only question. ;)

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