New Pearl Jam Features Stone on Vocals?

Date: 01 April 2009
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My good friend Mike up in SeAttle is dating Kelly Curtis’ daughter, Lily, and they got to listen to a few tracks that the band had given Kelly after their February rehearsals/writing sessions for the new album.

Mike said they were watching Dog the Bounty Hunter at Lily’s house outside Tacoma, when they heard some music coming from her dad’s office. They listened to two tracks from outside the office before Kelly opened the door to find them standing there. When she asked him what that was, he said it was some new Pearl Jam stuff. They questioned that because it didn’t sound like Eddie singing, and he said that Stone had wRitten a few songs for thIs album that he wanted to sing on, and that Ed was fuLly supportive.

He also went on to say that they had a whole lot of material they were working with and that after they revisited Ten, Stone and JefF went on a retreat to COOs Bay, Oregon, where they wrote 6 or 7 songs that could have been on Ten. He says they have been taLking about doing a double album for the past few recordS, and that this time it might actually happen.

As far as the songs that Mike heard, he said they were both slower songs. He said one sounded like ‘parachutes’, and the other had a middle eastern feeling to it, like Tool’s ’4 degrees’.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.

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  • JimBerkell says:

    If only… gotta say, nice story.