Frank Shamrock likes fishsticks?

Date: 12 April 2009
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Strikeforce took over the Shark Tank in San Jose last night, and Nick Diaz served a heaping plateful of fishsticks to  self-proclaimed legend Frank Shamrock.

I’ve been waiting weeks to see Diaz beat Shamrock, and, if you don’t like Shamrock, the fight absolutely lived up to the hype.

The whole card was impressive. The picture quality of the Showtime broadcast was incredible. My friend and I decided to watch it in HD at my house instead of going to the event after Josh Thompson broke his foot.  It’s not that either of us like Thompson, in fact, I think we both want to see him get pounded on by Gilbert Milendez, but with that fight off the card, it just didn’t seem like it was worth the $50-100 it costs for a good seat.  The picture was amazingly clear and didn’t break up once. Kudos for that.

Of course, having decided to stay home, the card was full of knock outs. Rodgers smashed some dude’s face in with a barrage of knees (Hey Brett, you better work on your striking before you take on better competition). Scott Smith got his face smashed in before landing a clean shot on Benji Radach’s jaw that saved his night. Gina Carano got more airtime than Cyborg, who, came in looking 25 lbs heavier than her opponent, Hitomi Akano, and literally tossed her around like a fucking cabage patch kid. Carano’s weight issues won’t be able to save her from the ass whooping Cyborg is going to put on her soon. That fight is going to be HUGE.

The best fight of the night was Diaz v Shamrock. Shamrock looked terrible the whole time, taking jab after jab to the face and head from all angles pretty much every other second for the entire ten minute fight.  Diaz’s punches aren’t the most powerful, but they are relentless, and when he finally starts breaking you down, he starts throwing harder punches.  It’s a brilliant strategy when you know you can stand in there with your opponent, and we saw just how effective it can be last night.  When Diaz saw that Shamrock was breaking, he sized him up to the head with his left hand and went to the ribs with the right, delivering a blow that Shamrock later said made him “crap his pants”.  That shot sent Shamrock to the floor and Diaz finished with a shit load of right hands to the head, several of which opened up cuts before the Ref jumped in to save Shamrock and end the fight.

Great card, perfectly timed to build up excitement for UFC 97. Now the UFC has to live up to Strikeforce.  Perhaps Affliction should take notes…rumors are swirling that the next Affliction (Affliction 3) is going to happen the SAME NIGHT as UFC 100! Good luck with that.

Round 1

Round 2

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