Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

Date: 12 April 2009
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So… this band is almost a guilty pleasure. For whatever reason, I love listening to their albums. I’m that guy going nuts and rocking out to their song “Maps” on Rock Band. But, hell… I don’t need to defend myself. This is good pop. And not that crap they play on American Idol… well, some douche did sing “Jeremy” on there, I think? So maybe not all the songs on AI are that bad. Back to the review…

On ‘It’s Blitz’ we see a new incarnation of the YYYs. There’s a heavy 80s new wave vibe going on, and a damn serious lack of guitars. Normally that’s a recipe for disaster in my book but somehow the YYYs make it fit.  The best part of the album is Karen O.’s vocals. They’re spastic and mesmorizing at the same time… the band really relies on her to carry the songs. She came to the album well armed.

In whole, this is a pretty solid album with only a few filler tracks. I don’t like this better than ‘Show Your Bones’ but it’s a good release none the less. Next time guys…. Bring back the fucking guitars.


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