3,000 Unique Visitors, Real Housewives Rant

Date: 15 April 2009
Category: NEW
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Fucking christ.

I’m wondering if these conceited lunatics know that people watch them to make fun of them and not because they’re so fabulous?

This show should really be called the Real Morons of NYC, and feature the husbands and boyfriends who will put up with the egos of these crazy bitches.

A Countess? Who the fuck cares? Counts are associated with 3 things that I can think of: Count Dracula, Count Chocula, and The Count from Sesame Street. With his new woman, this one Count accounts for 5 Countesses…that’s 2 more than the rest of the world…does that really count? How many times can I use a form of the word count in one paragraph? Can you count?

Also: F&L hit 3,000 unique visitors in 2009 today! WooHoo!

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