Frank Shamrock Update

Date: 15 April 2009
Category: MMA, NEW
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Ok, so maybe Shamrock doesn’t like fishsticks…in fact, he may feed them to his cats. My girlfriend was over at Aqui in San Jose last night and he walked in for some food and a margarita (apparently he frequents that place, which, has terrible food, but great sangria swirl margaritas). She and her friend talked to him for a bit and got pictures and autographs. They said he was really nice and that was openly talking about his recent ass whooping…and mentioned that he may be fighting Cung Le in August?

We’ll see about that…

Anyway, Frank, if you googled yourself and are reading this, sorry for calling you an egotistical fishstick eater. Good luck in the future.

Don’t forget to call out the Aqui Crew after your next fight!

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