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Date: 25 April 2009
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Sometime around 9:40pm, Brent Hinds tore off three quarter notes that cracked the sky above San Francisco and shot the Great American Music Hall into Oblivion.

That’s how I would start the story if I was writing this for cash. Instead, I’ll just tell you how the show was.

Pretty Dope.

We walked in and shot over to the bar for a beer and Brent walked in right behind us.  Funny how these huge rock stars are always so short…not that he’s small, but he’s not a big dude. He seemed to be in a great mood.

We posted up near the t-shirt area and before we knew it Crack the Skye was upon us.

THE MUSIC: Awesome. These guys make it look so easy, it’s incredible. It basically sounds just like the album.

THE MIX: Could have been better. There were parts where Brent’s guitar was completely inaudible. Brann’s kick could have been deeper. Overall the mix was very treble-y, but there was absolutely some really nice sounding low-end provided by Troy…I swear he hit the brown note a few times…that place rumbled.

THE VOCALS:  As I suspected, there were some rough patches. These guys are definitely professional shredders, not professional singers, but from The Czar on, they sounded better than I thought they would.  When Brent and Troy sing alone, they sound pretty good.  The harmonizing is where they are still really rough, and bad harmonies can really ruin an amazing song. The vocals were surprisingly good on The Last Baron.

There was a screen that was showing some old looking footage of russian dudes and what looked like silent film ladies (not sure why I have a specific image for silent film ladies, but if I do, maybe you do too?). After the Crack the Skye set, the screen showed animated versions of the album cover from the song they were playing…Blood Mountain, Leviathan…

After the Crack the Skye set, we went up to the balcony (see pics) and had a pretty good view of the stage from the side.  Lars and Robert from Metallica were about 10 feet away…both loving it. Troy was throwing them looks all night.

Great show. Looking forward to seeing em again at Outside Lands in Aug.

Mastodon LIVE in San Francisco 4/19/09

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