Spinal Tap Uwigged and Unplugged in Oakland

Date: 25 April 2009
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Spinal Tap: Unwigged and Unplugged

Harry Shearer, Michael McKean, and Christopher Guest brought their t-shirt peddling operation to Oakland last Wednesday. At $35 a piece, we should have known we were in for a fucked up evening.

Luckily, human eyes are better than the 2MP camera that the iPhone has, otherwise my seats would have sucked. In reality, they were really good. I love that venue. I saw TOOL and Ben Harper there and I parked in the same lot on Broadway and 17h both times, so when we left the venue to find that Jordan’s car had been stolen, I was fucking shocked.  We were in Oaksterdamn! What the fuck man, pot smokers don’t steal cars!

Back to the show. It has to be said that Harry Shearer is quite the musician. Michael and Chris and really good too, but  Harry lays it down on the upright and the electric bass so nicely…love him. The three of them can really harmonize quite well. They played all the Mighty Wind songs and songs from their other films, but of course, the highlights of the night were the Spinal Tap moments.

They read the notes from the NBC censor regarding the changes that had to be made in order to air This Is Spinal Tap on NBC in lieu of SNL one saturday night in the mid-80s. Hilarious. “My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo, I want to sink her with my pink torpedo” – UNACCEPTABLE.

They brought up a guy and gave him 3D glasses and played a song for him…walking up close to him and playing right in his face. Pretty funny.

The one cover song they played was “Start Me Up” (Rolling Stones), and they played a pretty funny version of it…

So, overall, the show was good…the crowd was pretty old, but appreciative, and the guys looked like they had a great time.

Jordan’s car was recovered yesterday (2 days later). Looks like a couple (man & woman I guess) took it for a joy ride, shot up, probably slept, and took off.

Gotta love addicts.

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  • iceman says:

    they found jordans car???? HA! awesome!