No May Posts?!

Date: 11 May 2009
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Sorry man. I know you’ve been dying for your fix of the fear, and there has been nothing new to read…

Hopefully, you did what I do when I am bored and went to wikipedia, started typing, and got your learn on…OR, even better, read and re-read all my old posts! BUT, I’m guessing you just forgot about F&L and went on with your life.

Well sir, while you were living it up, I’ve been pretty fucking busy dealing with:

  • a car accident (totaled)
  • a stolen car (recovered)
  • an Ad Campaign competition at SJSU (won)
  • finals (tomorrow)
  • realizing that new cars are fucking expensive (for a college student)
  • realizing that insurance is fucking expensive too (but worth it. see #1)
  • trying to get the guys together for an Upstart Crow reunion show this summer (yes, Isaac, that means you)

SO. No more excuses. I’ll be back to writing regularly soon. We have NFL to talk. Some good MMA coming up too. See you in the next few days.


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