Dave Matthews Band Break Up

Date: 21 May 2009
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Well, not yet…but I guarantee it will happen soon.

Go back to my Groogrux post and you’ll see what I think about the band…Dave himself actually basically backed me up in his recent interview with Entertainent Weekly (read):

How bad did things get within the DMB ranks?
It actually came to a head a couple of years ago. We hadn’t put out an album for a while and the album that we did put out [2005's Mark Batson-produced Stand Up] wasn’t us. I feel like it should have said “Dave Matthews Band featuring Mark Batson.” There’s some great songs on [2002's Glen Ballard-produced] Everyday, but I think that should have said “Dave Matthews Band featuring Glen Ballard.” I think we started to get lost right around towards the end of making the third album, [1998's] Before These Crowded Streets. The stuff after that, although there’s many good things about it, I think it was not our best work. For a while we’d been in a holding pattern as far as how we were playing with each other. And it did get to a point where I threw my hands up in the air and said “There’s no point to this.” I had a lot of conversations with Roi, a lot of conversations with Carter [Beauford, DMB drummer] about, “How the hell do we go on if we can’t all communicate?”

Something tells me that these re-kindled relationships will suffer once the Groogrux magic wears off…

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