Date: 01 June 2009
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Show starts at 6PM Pacific

Praying for old songs…

Well, that was probably the best fucking concert ever broadcast live (for free). Even the new songs sounded pretty good. Jeff Coffin fucking rocks. It’s so nice to hear someone do LeRoi’s classic parts so well…while adding a bit of newness. #41 was off the chain.

Rob Cavallo’s production just lost a lot of clout with me after hearing how good those songs can sound live. Sure, the production doesn’t change the lyrics, but when the lyrics suck, maybe you should turn everyone else…up?

Stephan’s bass was placed perfectly in the mix. Up a tad more than I remember…just right. He did seem to be a tiny bit ahead of the beat at points…I remember thinking that him and Carter usually sew a pretty tight pocket, but not tonight. Probably a fluke.

Anyway, like I said, this show was great. Definitely made me want to see them again this summer.

…and maaaaaybe give the album one more listen.

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