Date: 13 September 2009
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*In 2007, Burger King put out a set of 32 team jerseys. I set them up based on the schedule and whichever team has a higher # on their jersey, gets the W. This will never be 100% accurate, as Jason Taylor (Miami’s representative in the BK promotion) wore #99 for the Dolphins in 2007, so, according to the system, Miami should win every game they play.

In 2008, the BK Jerseys went 145-111 (57% Win rate)

Now, we begin the 2009 Campaign. Here we go!

TEN vs PIT = Pittsburgh
MIA vs ATL = Miami
KC vs BAL = Baltimore
NYJ vs HOU = Houston
DEN vs CIN = Denver
JAX vs IND = Jacksonville
MIN vs CLE = Minnesota
PHI vs CAR = Carolina
DET vs NO = Detroit
DAL vs TB = Tampa Bay
SF vs AZ = San Francisco
WAS vs NYG = New York Giants
STL vs SEA = St. Louis
CHI vs GB = Chicago
BUF vs NE = New England
SD vs OAK = Oakland

Week 1 Record: 7-9

2 responses to NFL WEEK 1: BK JERSEY PICKS

  • Dr. JJK says:


    im not sure i would bet on the fried jerseys every time.

    mmm fried jersey…

  • DrRJE says:

    some of us can add :)