The Apple iFrame

Date: 29 January 2010
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I was all excited to get my hands on one of these bad boys, but, when Steve Jobs held up the iPad iFrame, I almost puked.¬† Can you believe the fucking bezel on this thing? For those who don’t know what a bezel is, its that big ass black border around the entire fucking iFrame. In fact, its’ the main reason behind the iFrame moniker.

A few thoughts about this abomination of an Apple product:

  1. Did I mention that ridiculous bezel?
  2. If I wanted a big ass iPhone, I’d buy a $10 magnifying glass.
  3. You can’t listen to iTunes and send an email AT THE SAME TIME. WTF?
  4. That retarded Ives guy said there is no up or down…the home button and the Apple logo on the back say otherwise.
  5. A keyboard with a dock?! The thing has bluetooth built it…maybe I don’t want to type 6 inches from the screen assholes.
  6. No Flash video? First off, Steve, don’t go to websites that feature Flash videos on the front page during your presentation. That said, how can you promote the iFrame as offering the “best web experience” when you DO NOT have access to standard web content like flash video?
  7. The iPad? Seriously? We all know what that sounds like…and we all know it’s really just an iFrame.
  8. Damn that bezel is hideous. Even the iPhone only has a bezel on 2 sides.
  9. Why the fuck did you rework iWork for that thing? Who wants to WORK on it? Wasted time.
  10. Apple COMPLETELY ripped off the Delicious Library user interface for iBook.
  11. NO CAMERA? Way to drop the fucking ball on this one. It could¬† have been a mobile video conferencing beast. Instead, it’s just an iFrame.

Maybe Steve shouldn’t have come back so soon. He really screwed the pooch on this one…and seems to have no clue as to how badly he blew it.

The ONLY thing that could possibly save this device is the price. At $499, even those who couldn’t afford to jump over to Apple can finally do so…and to those, new Apple fans, I say “Welcome to the world of endless refreshes and rumors of refreshes…Better keep another $500 handy…your iFrame will be outdated before you know it.”

2 responses to The Apple iFrame

  • Suzi says:

    I agree Dr.

  • Dr. JJK says:

    any reason they decided to call it the iPad instead of the Tablet. i understand the whole “i” prefix thing but there are other Apple products without it. the macbook isn’t called the iMacbook. i mean lets get for real Apple, no one raised their hand at the production meeting and say:

    “hmmm maybe people will get the wrong image when they hear ‘iPad.’ why don’t we go with another name…”

    whomever made the decision to go with that name should be packing all of their office belongings into a iBox, iSAP!

    although the product is temping i think ill wait the 6 months when Apple realizes what needs to be fixed and the price drops $300. yet still it will pain me to purchase a product with such a name. they are stuck with it now.

    perfect example as to why common sense majors should be offered in college. ;-)